Dehydrated Green Pepper - Whole

Botanical Name: PIPER NIGRUML

Product Details:Fresh raw green pepper berries is dehydrated in hot air machine, whole regular size of green corns with max 2% of black corns, withot broken, stem and foreign materials, not mouldy.

Chemical Examination
Essential Oil Content Min. 3%
Piperine Min. 7%
Moisture Max. 12%
Bulk Density 250-400 gr./ltr.wt.
Infected 0.2%
Grit & Sand 0.5%
Calcium/Magnesium Sulphate or Carbonate 0.1% Max
Arsenic 1.0 mg/kg.Max.
Copper 15.0 mg/kg. Max
Zinc 15.0 mg/mg. Max
E-Coli Negative/25 gr.
Samonella Absent
Aflatoxin B1 max 2 ppb
Aflatoxin B2 max 1 ppb
Aflatoxin G1 and G2 max. 1 ppb each (Total sum not exceed 4 ppb.)
Yeast and moulds 1000 Cfu/g.
Aerobic total count 30.000 Cfu./g

Packing: 10-15kg, net product will be packed in Corrugated Cartons with polythylene bag inside Storage and shelf - life - This product should be stored in a cool (between 15-25 Dc), dry (between 50% r.h) area, in sealed cartons, to have a shelf life of minimum 36 months without loss of flavour and colour.


Low Bacteria Black Pepper
Charactristics 125 grains (corns) more than 4 grams weight.
Colour Black Gold
Shape Uniform
Breakers Max 0.5%
Smell Strong (pungent)
Taste Spicy
Perfection No relevance
Moisture Max 10%
Ash Content Total ash content not more than 5% insoluble in HCL.
Discoloured corn 10% by count.
Plant materials like stem, leaves etc. 1% by weight.
Infested Nil
Grit & Sand 0. 5%
Calcium/Magnisium Sulphates or Carbonates 0.1% max.
Arsenic 1.0 mg/kg max.
Lead 5.0 mg/kg max
Copper 15.0 mg/kg max
E.Coli Negative/25 gm
Salmonella Absent
Yeast & moulds 1000Cfu/g.
Coliforms below 10 Cfu/g.
Aflatoxin B1 Negative (limit: Max 2 ppb)
Aflatoxin B2 Negative (limit: Max 1 ppb)
Aflatoxin G1 Negative (limit:Max 1 ppb)
Aflatoxin G2 Negative (limit: Max 1 ppb) (Total sum not to exceed 4 ppb)
Total Plate Count Below 1,00,000
Packing:25 kg, net product will be packed paper bags with polybag inside.


Special Quality Turmeric Powder
Appearance Fine powder, light to mid yellow in colour.
Flavour Typically earthy, no off or mouldy notes.
Physical Nature Fine light to mid yellow powder particle size sieved in 50 mesh.
Extraneous Matter To be visily free from.
Foreign Matter To be free from. Fine ferrous metal from grinding mills shall be absent (magnet check)
% Ash 7 Max
% Acid Insoluble Ash 1.5 Max
% Volatile Oil 1.5 Max
% Moisture 10 Max
Arsenic 5 mg/kg Max
Lead 10 mg/kg Max
Aflatoxin B1
<5ppb Max
<10ppb Max.
Salmonella ND /50g
E.coli <10 cfu/g
Curcumin 1.7 - 2.5%
Packaging which complies the EU food packaging regulation.